Fotos de las bodas más divertidas!!

La Sociedad Internacional de Fotógrafos Profesionales de Bodas (ISPWP) siglas en inglés: The International Society of Professional Wedding todos los años organiza una serie de concursos entre sus asociados para premiar las mejores fotografías de bodas.
Aquí te mostramos algunas fotografías que compitieron en la categoría humorísticas según publicó el Daily Mail.
Mirá las graciosas imágenes:
Photobombing deer: This is one of the images released by the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographs
The surprising moment a couple’s romantic shoot is interrupted by a bike ride. Even more surprising - one of the riders is in the buff!
Another  photograph that does not fit with convention depicts a bride throwing up green liquid - having consumed one shot too many
Other photo-bombers include a Beluga whale, who seems interested in the couple’s reception platter 

A black and white image of a bride with her proud parents loses some of its charm when you spot the dog defecating in the background
Wrong place at the wrong time: A fisherman adds an injection of humour into this fairy tale wedding shot of the couple by the sea
What’s going on here? One particularly baffling  image is of a groom wearing a snorkel poised on all-fours at his bride’s feet

Flying photobomber: A guest flies through the air as the wedding family have their photo taken in this beautiful beach setting

Unexpected lick: The surprise on the groom’s face is perfectly captured in when he recives some unexpected attention from a horse

Game over! One guest has a poignant message for the bride and groom during their wedding ceremony
A perfectly places umbrella makes this groom look like he has grown a particularly impressive moustache for his big day
Cringe! On bride, presumably called Robbi, seems less than impressed when her groom flashes more than she bargained for 

A fantasy moment - well amost. Two smiling photobombers liven up this otherwise romantic shot of a couple smooching

An unfortunate bride has an unwanted run in with her dogs - but the groom seems less than gallant in her response

Behind the scenes: It’s almost the perfect romantic shot - but the man with the watering can detracts from the romance
Orange sky, calm sea, loving couple - and a topless man: Jogger photobombs couple’s romantic moment
What’s this lady and her blow-up doll doing in this wedding album? The mind boggles!
This couple’s bodies seem to have been switched around in the reflection in this optical illusion
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